March 2023
The first stage of admission will take place between April 4 and May 18 (schedule is available here). The BIOSINF Master’s program offers 24 places for this stage.
More details about the content of the master’s interview, registration fee, and also for the documents required for registration are provided here.

The results of the first stage of admission will be announced on May 19 on the ETTI and BIOSINF websites.


February 2023
The BIOSINF Master’s program is primarily addressed to students who have graduated from bachelor’s programs in the following fields (including all their majors): Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Computers and Information Technology, Applied Engineering Sciences, Electrical Engineering. It can also be attended by graduate students of faculties with a close profile, such as those in the fundamental field of exact sciences (mathematics, physics, computer science), interested in the applications of information technology in cutting-edge domains, such as multimedia technologies, artificial intelligence, biometrics, and cybersecurity.

Information regarding admission to master’s programs for the 2023-2024 academic year will be provided soon on the ETTI and BIOSINF websites.